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Friday, May 18, 2018
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St. Joe 4-H Auction Raises $390,109

by Jerry Goshert

Published: Friday, July 14, 2017

Last Friday's St. Joseph County 4-H auction in South Bend featured 526 lots that generated $390,109.91 for the 4-H'ers. The total is slightly less than last year's effort of $392,688.81 on 553 lots. However, auction committee chairman Andy Laidig pointed out that this year's auction nearly matched the 2016 total but with 27 fewer lots.

Grace Klopfenstein finished her 4-H career in grand style, showing the grand champion Holstein and earning the right to sell first in the 4-H milk auction.

When she appeared in the auction ring, a roving entertainer was there to provide a bit of comedy as the auctioneer searched for bids among the crowd of 4-H supporters. When the gavel fell, the bidding topped off at $3,200, a nice sendoff for a 10-year 4-H'er headed to Purdue University this fall to study agricultural education and animal science. A support group (see list at end of story) offered the winning bid.

Grace, who was a finalist for the Exchange's Exceptional 4-H'er award this year, said the 2017 county fair was a bittersweet experience in some respects. On one hand, she was especially proud of the cow that won grand champion. She acquired the animal when it was a winter calf and raised it herself, making all of the management decisions. It was also her first grand champion dairy cow at the fair. On the other hand, the North Liberty youth said she was sad that her late grandfather, Wilbur Klopfenstein, was not there to watch her in the grand drive.

The Klopfenstein family has a 40-year history of participating at the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair, and Grace said it was "weird" not having her grandfather sitting ringside. Wilbur Klopfenstein, a longtime dairy farmer, fair board member and former leader of the St. Joseph County Dairy Assn., died June 21 at the age of 83. He is survived by his wife, Alene, and Grace's parents, Greg and Kathy Klopfenstein.

Besides Klopfenstein, the big winners in livestock competition were Haley Berger in the swine and beef shows, Bryce Futa in the beef show and Janell Bickel in the dairy beef show.

Berger, of Bremen, sold her 285-pound grand champion barrow for $10 per pound, or $2,850, to a support group (see list). In the beef show, she stood second with her reserve champion steer and earned $2.53 per pound ($3,410.44) from Schrock Farms and B and B Farrier. The steer weighed 1,348 pounds.

Futa, of New Carlisle, earned $6.78 per pound, or $8,847.90, for his 1,305-pound grand champion beef steer. The animal was purchased by Schrock Farms and a support group (see list).

Bickel, of Bremen, received $4.75 per pound, or $6,697.50, from a support group (see list). Her grand champion dairy steer weighed 1,410 pounds.

The 248-pound reserve champion barrow was exhibited by Cody Toth of North Liberty. He earned $8.50 per pound, or $2,108, from a support group (see list).

In beef, Dustin Bartoszewicz of New Carlisle showed the grand champion county born and bred steer. The 1,353-pounder was purchased by Schrock Farms and a support group (see list).

Sydnee Culp of Elkhart sold the reserve champion dairy beef steer for $3.60 per pound, or $5,364, to a support group (see list). The steer weighed 1,490 pounds.

Sydnee also brought the champion rate of gain dairy steer, which weighed 1,635 pounds. It sold for $1.10 per pound, or $1,798.50, to Lester Moser and Sons Inc. and Ryan Lizzi.

In sheep, Bruce Van Wanzeele of New Carlisle exhibited the grand champion lamb. However, since it was a ewe, he is keeping it for breeding purposes. Van Wanzeele is a nine-year 4-H'er.

Austin Sebasty of Buchanan, Mich. sold the 123-pound reserve champion lamb for $20 per pound, or $2,460. A support group (see list) had the high bid.

In the milk auction, Bryce Birk of North Liberty earned $1,100 from the sale of reserve champion Guernsey milk. The milk was purchased by friends and supporters (see list). A 10-year 4-H'er and Exceptional 4-H'er finalist, Birk also exhibited the grand champion Guernsey but did not sell any milk. He plans to show the cow at the Indiana State Fair.

Dyana O'Shea of New Carlisle sold milk representing the grand champion Jersey. She received $600 from buyer David Van Wanzeele.

In goats, Elijah Merrill of Lakeville led the way with his grand champion Boer goat. He received $825 from Feed the Hungry and Prime Foundation. The same buyers also purchased the reserve champion goat, which was shown by Kylie Gorka of Lakeville. The price was $525.

Lucas Wilson of South Bend exhibited the top two dairy goats. The grand champion did not sell, but Lucas sold the reserve for $1,000 to a support group (see list).

Also in goats, Morgain Watkins of North Liberty earned $140 from the sale of a basket of reserve champion dairy goat products. New Prairie Veterinary Service had the high bid.

Top rabbit exhibitor Megan Case of South Bend sold the grand champion meat pen for $250 to the Blue Ribbon Buyer's Group. Reserve champion exhibitor Noah Horban, also of South Bend, received $155 from the Knowlton family.

Seth Horban of South Bend earned $100 for the grand champion rabbit fryer. The buyer was Lambert Custom Upholstery. Emily Zimmer of Granger sold the reserve champion fryer for $250 to a buyer's group (see list).

Emily Zimmer also brought the grand champion roaster and earned $475 from a buyer's group (see list). Noah Horban sold the reserve champion roaster for $110 to Joe, Shelly and Trevor Sierzputowsk.

Seth Horban came in with the grand champion stewer rabbit. He earned $135 from the Kristin Schalliol family. With the reserve stewer, Megan Case earned $95 from Susan Jock.

In poultry, 10-year 4-H'er Matt Applegate of North Liberty exhibited the grand champion broilers and received $300 from a support group (see list). Next was Annamarie Veger, also of North Liberty. She sold the reserve champion broilers for $130 to Louis Dreyfus Commodities.

Annamarie Veger exhibited the grand champion commercial turkey and earned $170 from the Blue Ribbon Buyer's Group.

Annamarie Veger won again in ducks, showing the grand champion Pekin. Kristin Schalliol family had the high bid at $160. The reserve champion Pekin duck was shown by Taylor Keb of Bremen. He received $725 from Feed the Hungry, TKJ Reserve Grand Champ Club and ADM Alliance Nutrition.

Abigail Beck of South Bend sold the grand champion fancy duck for $110 to the Greene Twp. Lions Club and the Knowlton family.

Another youth, Addyson Farias of Mishawaka, sold the grand champion single standard duck for $200 to JEMA Academics.

Sale subtotals, by species, include: 53 beef steers, $137,478.12; 200 swine, $102,946.74; 40 dairy beef steers, $79,602.80; 88 sheep, $42,361.81; 32 goats, $9,780; 50 poultry, $7,455; 50 rabbits, $5,385; 3 gallons of milk, $4,900; and 1 dozen eggs, $200.

Buyer Groups

Grace Klopfenstein–Dairy Veterinary Management Services, Sherri and Tony Triplet, Heather and Garland Hudson family, David and Jessica Vanwanzeele family, Mike and Penny Vanwanzeele, Grandma and Grandpa Klopfenstein, Rich and Janell Bickel, Landmark Materials, Paul and Christine Applegate, Delaval Direct, 1st Source Bank, St Joseph County Dairy Assn., Fair Vendors, Dennis and Becky Worm, Kalumbach Feeds, Farm Bureau, Dane Clark, Jason and Julie Farrer family, Toby and Wyatt Mangus, Zach, Emily and Charlie Triplet, Dal-Den Farms, Markley's Kids Show Stock, Tim and Kathy Jaworski, Mom and Dad, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Scott and Roxanne Shreve, Garrett Glon, Freeman Farms, Roger and Cyndy Keeling.

Hayley Berger–Troy and Carla Gurtner, Jason Britt and Miles Nine, Tom Lizzi, Chad Berger family, Jennings Insurance, Grandpa Dave and Laurie Stults, Stookey Showpigs, Clauson Showpigs, Starke County Co-op and LP, Lenig Bros Genetics, Dave and Rachel Dutoi family, Eric Stults family, Drew Dutoi, Showpigs—Cody and Alex Toth, Greg Robbin and Winston Yergler, Lake City Heat Treat—Bill Davis, Etna Green Elevator, Grandpa and Shirley Berger, Tony and Sherri Tripplet, Mike Berger family, Berger Auctioneering, Chris and Cari Snyder family, Greg and Sheila Haas family.

Bryce Futa—Kleine Farms, CandJ Crazy Mountain Ranch, Greenmark John Deere, J A Wagner Construction, Justin and Kari family, Greg and Kim Kneubuhler, GandK Concepts, Aaron and Erica Zell, Ekovich Concrete, Doug and Mary Anne Millar, Zahl's Elevator, Greg and Shawnee Sebasty, Ness Farms, Brad and Kelley Bradshaw family, Shaffner Tire, 1st Source Bank, Verhaeghe Farms—Jason, Dawn family, Mark Jasinski family, The Whitmer Clan, Scott and Michelle Livinghouse, Brad Warne Crop Insurance, Rob and Jennifer Jackson family, Mike and Joleen Serry, Scott and Jody Nalepinski, David and Kelli Bartoszewicz family, Marc and Kelley Mro, Eric Doms family, K-Fex Inc., Joyce Schultz, Debra Mrozinski family, Deb Podemski, Randy and Thelma Reed family, Dennis and Nancy Dolph family, Jim and Patricia Houser family, Greg Doms family, Mark Farm Supply, Rob Gamble family, Gavilon, Corey and Katie Jesswein, Meyer Vet Hospital, Jordan and Kelsey Jasinski, Greg and Mary Sue Violette family, Showpigs, Wayne and Jennifer Toth family, Herman and Gale Brinkhoff, Andy and Julie Brinkhoff family, Marv and Sheryl Podemski, Annette Wise, Jasinski Family Farm (Joe and Kris), Klayton and Jacquelyn, Jason and Heather Haney, Dzia Dzia and Boodew (Paul and Kathy Futa), Grandpa Ted and Grandma Annette Noell, Grammy Janet Futa, Luke, Stephanie and Scarlett Carter, Kasey, Kristen and Kogan Conklin, Mike Carrico family, Rick and Barb Lichtenberger, Dane Clark, Whitmer Farms, Mike and Ann Bromley, Jordan and Erica Sherrill, Dr. Wanda and Olivia Schmeltz, Anna Eaton family, Scott Carrico family, New Prairie Large Animal Practice, The Hudson Family, Steve Futa and Nishiu Tarka, Larry and Donna Smith, Mike and Kelly Carrico family, Paul and Sandi Widawski, Bartoszewics Farms.

Emily Bickel—Millwood Farms, Rob Bennett family, Randy and Thelma Reed, D and M Propane, Grandma Doris, Josh and Kelsey Gamble, Bill and Susie Gamble, Toby and Wyatt Manges, Steve and Sandy Moser Family, Carquest, Don and Lou Moore, Agrigold Seeds—Tyler Bouse, Yoder Oil, Jennings Insurance, Richmond Feeds, Louis Dreyfus, Dave and Rachel Dutoi, Glen and Kathy James, Stu Beehler, Dr Wanda Schmeltz, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds Dusty Verhaeghe, Cody and Laura Koeppen, Weichert Realtors Nick Bickel, Tim and Laura Gamble family, Charles and Brandy Moyer, Terrie, Claire and Owen Bickel, Glen's Tire, Ivy and Michele Truyaert, Tim and Zach Klotz, Doug and Julie Moore, Doug and Maryann Millar, Bob Hartsaugh, Weaver Ag and Lawn, Show Pigs, Dan and Beth Pogue family, Specialty Seeds, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds - Jeff Peterson, Kevin Bickel, Taylor, Brant and Kaysen, Brandon Noe Specialty Hybrids, Mike and Peggy Bellar, Greg and Kathy Klopfenstein family, B and A Show Pigs, Dave and Marilyn Miller Family, Frick Services, Chem Serv - Larry Verhaeghe, Jason and Julie Farrer family, Cyndy and Roger Keeling, Dick and Sandy Oakley, Wyatt Merchants, Doug and Deborah Deschepper, Brian and Brenda Beehler family, Tony and Erin Hasley family, Clyde and Tammy James, H&D Drainage, Brad and Kelley Bradshaw family, BMJ Farm, Madison Twp. Fire Department, Dave and Lisa Jesswein.

Cody Toth—Snyder Showpigs, Darell Gill family, Bickel Family Farms, JGR Rebor, Richmond's Feed Services, Brian Kaser family, H and G Underground Utilities, Ness Farms, The Apple Patch, Joy and Cindy Duley, Bill and Sue Dittmar, Brad Laskowski and Braun family, Wanda Schmeltz, Todd and Jane McGaughey, Jason Dittmar family, Courtney Zellers, Wihelm Equipment Co., Marker family, Paul Laskowski family, Spence Showpigs, Showpigs, Mom and Dad, Verhaeghe Farms Jason, Dawn and Kids, Markley Triple M Auctions, Brad Tibbs family, Mark Berger family, Doug Moore, Grace Klopfenstein, Justin and Kari family.

Dustin Bartoszewicz—Greg and Shawnie Sebasty family, Roger and Cyndy Keeling, Ness Farms, Dave and Rachel Dutoi family, Pat Bartoszewicz, Ken Bartoszewicz, Aaron Mrozinski, Dewey Dolph, Zahl's Elevator and Feed Mill, Chris Deuther, Frick Services, M&M Taxes, Craig Red Oak Farms, Justin and Kari family, Rick Galvas Farms, Barnhart Insurance, Rob Schable, Pam Martell, David and Kelli Bartoszewicz family, Molnar Septic South Bend, Evelyn Swizek, Ferguson Equipment, Gibson Lewis, Jerome Hester, Debbie Mrozinski family, Mary Davis Farms, Countryman Landscaping, Sam Katz, Doyle and Sheila Crowe, Angie Davis, E.J. Barany Gutters, Julie Katz, Marc and Kelly Mrozinski family, Irrigation Solutions, 1st Source Bank, Ricks Autobody, D&M Propane, Dave and Marilyn Miller, Emilee—Crossroads Vet, Mike and Kelly Carrico, Bradley and Kelley Bradshaw, Garouttes Auto and Truck Center, Bartz Farms, Veronica Couts, Jason and Leslie Quirk, Stella Chlebowski, Jordan Mrozinski, Corey Jesswein, Erik and Brooklyn Mrozinski.

Sydnee Culp—1st Source Bank, AgriGold Seed Corn, Asgrow Seed-Andy Laidig, Blade Landscaping, Cabanaw Window Cleaning, Clover Machinery Movers, Dana Dutoi, Don and Lou Moore, Doug and Julie Moore, Frick Services, Gen-Tech, Glamour Salon, Grandma and Grandpa Culp, Grandma Chelle and Grandpa Mike Moser, Jason and Stephanie Ward, Jeff Lizzi, Jerry Reed Excavating, Julie and Bryan Mattison, Koby Moser and Whitley Zent, Kortny Moser and Emily Moore, Lester Moser and Sons Trucking, Lonn Reinhardt Drywall, Mark Moser family, Mike Moser Family Farms LLC, Mitch Yoder, Olde District 5, Pioneer Seed-Scott Laidig, Roland's Meat Processing, Ryan Lizzi, Schmucker's LP Gas, Shelly, Nola and Brynlee Penrose, Specialty Hybrids, State Farm Insurance-Calvin Johnson, Steven and Sandy Moser family, Toby and Wyatt Manges, Tom Lizzi, Topeka Livestock Auction and Wakarusa Nutritional.

Austin Sebasty—Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 172 19th Hole Restaurant—Richard Schroeder, Mark's Farm Supply—Joe Bair, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Kevin Brown Lamb Club, A&M Services, Jared Mcqueen, M&M Tax Services, Wendy Glon, Black Cat, Craig Meyers, Hinz Landscaping—Jerry Hinz Crumstown Conservation Club, Stella's Tavern—Marcia Rathwick K-Fex -Mike Kelley, Molnar Excavating Jesswein Farms, Corey and Katie Jesswein Cattle, Davis Sheep Ranch, Bartz Farm, Serry Farm, Mark Jasinski, Dave and Nancy Jasinski, Debra Mrozinski, Marc and Kelly Mrozinski, John and Laurie Mrozinski, Marvin and Sheryl Podemski, Brad and Kelly Bradshaw, Mike and Beth Tierhney, Annette Wise, Rob Gamble, Eric Doms, Joe and Kristen Jasinski, Jordan and Kelsey Jasinski, Justin Zell and Kari Houser, Kenny and Sandy Kleine, Klayton Jasinski.

Bryce Birk—St. Joseph County Dairy Assn., Gene and Elnora Freeman, Applegate family, Cindy Shonke, Bradley Keb family, Tricia Mears family, Ryan Lizzi, Dennis and Becky Worm, Laura Stoner, A+ Heating and Cooling, Craig and Julie Reed and Family, D and M Propane, Denny and Patti Fisher, Jim Caldwell.

Lucas Wilson—Kenny and Sandy Kleine family, Spence Show Pigs, Bill Spence Sr., Josh and Courtney Schafer, Clearwater Well—LaPorte, Phil's Discount Drugs—LaPorte, Dave Spence, Kevin Paprocki, Team 150 Collision—LaPorte, Uncle Mike, Grandma and Grandpa Klecka, Wiley Green's Famous Tacos, Legacy Martial Arts—Jacob Adams.

Emily Zimmer – Zolman's Tire and Autocare, The Healy Group Inc., S&D Crafts And More, Bittersweet Road Family Dentists, Yvonne Vida, Irene Szucs, Ryan Mcbride family, Noah Zimmer, Emz Rabbitry, Jeff Spencer family, Kristen Sikorski Conklin family.

Matt Applegate—Paul and Chris Applegate, Mike and Beth Allsop, Wayne and Judy Allsop, Dave Clark and Julie Sweeney family, Greg and Kathy Klopfenstein, Garland and Heather Hudson, Paul and Chris Applegate, Mike and Beth Allsop, Wayne and Judy Allsop, Dave Clark and Julie Sweeney family, Greg and Kathy Klopfenstein, Garland and Heather Hudson.

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