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Friday, July 13, 2018
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Indiana Sees Suitable Hay Weather

Published: Friday, August 11, 2017

The following is from the Indiana Field Office of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service for the week ending Aug. 6.

Favorable weather conditions last week enabled farmers to make good progress in field work.

Drier weather in the beginning of the week enabled farmers to make strides in haying activities. Some farmers continued to irrigate fields due to the lack of rain until the latter part of the week.

The statewide average temperature was 69.9 degrees, 3.1 degrees below normal.

Statewide precipitation was .67 inches, below average by .24 inches.

There were 5.4 days available for fieldwork, up .4 days from the previous week.

Regionally, corn was 94 percent silked in the north, 93 percent in central, and 95 percent in the south.

Corn was 35 percent in dough in the north, 61 percent in central, and 56 percent in the south.

Corn rated in good to excellent condition was 56 percent in the north, 48 percent in central, and 53 percent in the south.

Soybeans were 92 percent blooming in the north, 90 percent in central, and 86 percent in the south.

Soybeans were 61 percent setting pods in the north, 69 percent in central, and 66 percent in the south.

Soybeans rated in good to excellent condition were 60 percent in the north, 50 percent in central, and 52 percent in the south.

In the northwestern portion of the state, some fields were hit with nickel-sized hail. There was some lightening and minimal damage.

Crops are in varying stages due to replanting. Farmers are continually walking their fields for diseases.

There have been several reports of weeds, and common and southern rust. Aerial application of fungicide has taken place across the state.

Farmers continued with mint harvest. Potato harvest has begun.

Pastures are reported in good shape, green and flourishing.

Livestock are reported in great condition.

Other activities included mowing roadsides, hauling grain, scouting for pests, spraying bins for fall harvest storage and attending the Indiana State Fair.

Topsoil moisture was rated very short, 1 percent; short, 12 percent; adequate, 77 percent; surplus, 10 percent.

Subsoil moisture was rated very short, 1 percent; short, 10 percent; adequate, 80 percent; surplus, 9 percent.

The crop progress schedule (last week, previous week, 2016 and 5-year average) showed: corn silking, 95, 83, 94, 95; corn dough, 45, 25, 46, 43; corn dented, 5, 0, 9, 9; soybeans blooming, 90, 81, 89, 90; soybeans setting pods, 65, 47, 64, 66; alfalfa hay, second cutting, 96, 90, 94, 95; alfalfa hay, third cutting, 43, 22, 37, 31; other hay, second cutting, 88, 82, 81, NA; other hay, third cutting, 31, 20, 21, NA.

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