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Friday, July 13, 2018
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Cass County (Mich.) 4-H Auction Generates $634,684

by Courtney Schafer

Published: Friday, August 11, 2017

Last Thursday, youths of Cass County (Mich.) sold 998 lots during the 4-H livestock auction in Cassopolis. On those 998 lots, the sale totaled $643,684.02. Last year's sale saw 983 lots with $603,830 earned.

In the beef auction, Taylor Bradley sold her grand champion steer weighing 1,320 pounds for $4 per pound, or $5,280 to Central Produce Sales Inc., Jim Guse Farms and Jim and Barb Guse family. The reserve steer weighed 1,305 pounds and was sold by Erin Morgan for $4.75 per pound, or $6,298.75 to Grant Hart of Wilbur-Ellis Co. and Chad Troyer of Showhauler Trucks Inc.

Samantha Daughtery sold the grand champion dairy beef steer that weighed 1,420 pounds for $2 per pound, or $2,940. Her buyers were Grant Hart with Wilbur-Ellis Co., Maynard Miller of Shipshe Supply, Keith Lambright of Shipshewana Auction and Roger Swartz of S and R Farms. The reserve steer weighed 1,285 pounds and was sold by Madison Suseland for $1.35 per pound, or $1734.75.

In all, 65 head of beef sold for $140,374.55.

Leading the way in the dairy feeder sale was Kaden Sparks with his grand champion calf that weighed 530 pounds. He earned $13 per pound, or $6,890, for the calf from John Richey of Johnny's Custom Construction. The reserve calf was sold by Jacob Davis. His feeder calf weighed 600 pounds and sold for $3.75 per pound, or $2,250, to Emily McCloughlin of K and M Machine Fabricating.

Eighty-two dairy feeders sold for $84,025.50.

Ashley Kapala sold her 285-pound grand champion market hog for $14 per pound, or $3,990 to Butch Bender, Southwestern Michigan College, Kalmabach Feeds Inc. and Community Mills. The 268-pound reserve market barrow was sold by Madeline Yuhas for $5 per pound, or $1,340.

A total of 204 head of swine sold for $212,386.13.

Jena Bradley led the way in the lamb auction with her 155 pound grand champion market lamb. She sold the lamb for $8.50 per pound, or $1,317.50 to Paul and Kathy Sweitzer and Community Mills. The reserve lamb weighed 152-pounds and was sold by Katherine Gregory for $12 per pound, or $1,824 to Matt and David Williams.

A total of 96 lambs were sold during the auction adding up to $49,700 in sales.

Seven lots of beef feeders sold for a total of $9,188.75. The grand and reserve champions did not sell.

Jena Bradley sold the grand champion non-dairy goat for $875 to Community Mills. The goat weighed 110 pounds. The reserve champion non-dairy goat was sold by Jacob LaPorte for $2,000 to Pleasant Acres and Frank and Jenny Bischoff. His goat weighed 95 pounds.

The grand champion dairy goat was sold by Hailey Wellman for $475 to Southwestern Michigan College and Four Season Percherons. Rocco Fedore sold his reserve dairy goat for $450 to Nick Totzke Farms.

Seventy-five goats sold for $$35,580.

In the rabbit auction, Collin Tone sold the grand champion fryer for $400 to Community Mills. The reserve champion fryer was sold by Leah Noles for $200 to Jason Bentzer of Bentzer Inc.

The grand champion roaster rabbit was sold by Jared Stilwell for $200 to Dussel's Farm Market, Bob Morgan family and and Pearl Suseland of Clipper Creations. The reserve champion roaster was sold by Blake Majewski for $200 to Bob Morgan family, Dussel's Farm Market and Pearl Suseland of Clipper Creations.

In all, 277 rabbits sold for $53,145.

In the poultry auction, Lillian Tone sold the grand champion market broiler for $1,000 to Butch Bender, Tone's Trucking Inc. and Jon Tone of Nutech Seed. The reserve market broiler was sold by Alyssa Wright for $225 to Dave Walther of Walther Farms.

Courtney Hartline sold the grand champion market roaster for $300 to Community Mills. The reserve roaster was sold by Paul Thomas for $75 to Community Mills and the Friends and Family of Paul Thomas.

Morgan Hartline sold the grand champion market heavyweight bird for $300 to Division Tire. Mariah Wolf sold the reserve champion market heavyweight for $80 to Tone's Trucking Inc.

Lauren Ridenour sold her grand champion goose for $550 to E and R Barbeque, Wilsons Farrier Service, Justin and Melissa McDonald and Johnny's Custom Construction. The reserve goose was sold by Kimberly Clark for $425 to Calvin Creek Farms.

Nicole Wilson sold the top tom turkey for $275 to Division Tire. The reserve tom turkey was sold by Wyatt Wilson for $500 to Mengel's Watercress Farm.

Claire Deak sold her grand champion hen turkey for $275 to Porky's. The reserve champion hen turkey was sold by Gage Collins for $425 to Porky's and Burt and Heidi Westphal.

Mckenzie Cross sold the grand champion duck for $325 to Calvin Creek Farms. The reserve duck was sold by Deonna Cross for $210 to Big Kid Hauling.

The dozen of eggs were sold for $550.

One-hundred and ninety-three poultry lots sold adding up to $40,855.

In other sales, a gallon of milk was sold for $10,715 which will benefit all members of those in the dairy project. The draft horse club sold a director's chair for $2,499.80 with all proceeds being split between the members of the 4-H draft horse club.

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