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Friday, September 21, 2018
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Fervida, Richards Are Top Huskers

by Courtney Schafer

Published: Friday, October 13, 2017

Last Saturday, the Craig Geyer farm of Bremen hosted the Indiana State Corn Husking Contest, where sunny skies and cool temperatures encouraged huskers of all ages to enjoy the event.

Larry Fervida of Nappanee placed first in the golden ager's division, husking 150.82 pounds in 10 minutes. Jerry Krick of Fort Wayne placed second, husking 86.33 pounds, Vern Dowty of Ossian was third, husking 75.24 pounds, and Wayne Haggard, also of Ossian, husked 73 pounds.

In the men's open division, Ted Richards of Rochester earned first place, husking 345.20 pounds in 20 minutes. Michael Geyer of Bremen placed second with 335.35 pounds, Atlee Lambright of Topeka placed third with 299.41 pounds, and Richard Hinton of Warren placed fourth, husking 240.84 pounds.

Gary Dunwoody of Logansport placed first in the novice category. He husked 110.96 pounds of corn in 10 minutes. Emily Williams of Middlebury placed second, husking 81.40 pounds.

In the youth girl's division, Shaylee Kelly of Rochester placed first husking 96 pounds in 10 minutes. Abbi Richard of Rochester placed second, husking 89 pounds and Sophia Gebhart of Albion placed third with 83.10 pounds. Melanie Gebhart, also of Albion, placed fourth with 80.13 pounds

Gage Richard of Rochester led the way in the youth boy's division where he husked 94 pounds of corn in 10 minutes. Marshall Finke of Kewanna placed second with 59.09 pounds and Gabe Andrews of North Judson earned third with 34 pounds.

In the senior women's division, Phyllis Colloway of Macy earned bragging rights with her 215.66 pounds of corn being husked in 20 minutes. Lois Hoffman of Sherwood placed second with 152 pounds, Julie Smiddy of Walkerton placed third with 103.40 pounds and Peggy Smith of LaPorte placed fourth with 95.06 pounds. Sue Nielsen of Medaryville placed fifth with 89.90 pounds.

Mary Hollett of Plymouth placed first in the young women's division where she husked 189.39 pounds of corn in 20 minutes. Ashley Reed of Nappanee placed second with 175.65 and Heidi Sorkoram of Kalamazoo, Mich. placed third with 127.40.

Dennis Brown of Winchester husked a total of 372 pounds of corn in 20 minutes, earning him first place in the young men's division. Clay Geyer of Bremen placed second with 293.55 pounds, Brent Reed of Nappanee was third with 274.60 pounds, and Jeremy Kane of West Lafayette placed fourth with 264.54 pounds.

In the women's open division, Barbara Amiss of North Manchester was the sole participant and husked 115 pounds of corn in 20 minutes.

David Schafer of Henderson, Mich. placed first in the senior men's division with 244.61 pounds of corn being husked in 20 minutes. Rolland Miller of Plymouth placed second with 240.94 pounds, Arlen Miller of Plymouth was third with 220.10 pounds and Bill Redding of Cutler placed fourth with 209.52 pounds.

In the team division, Integrity Builders of Bremen placed first, husking 281 pounds of corn. Gage Richard Team of Rochester placed second, husking 198 pounds, and Diane Dent Team of North Liberty placed third with 119.25 pounds. Each contestant on each team husked corn for five minutes.

The top three individuals from Indiana will compete in the national contest in Marshall, Mo. on Oct. 21.

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