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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Emma Gaff Crowned Miss Steuben County

Published: Friday, August 3, 2018

Emma Gaff was crowned Miss Steuben County 2018, and is this week's "Person You Should Know." Gaff completed her 10th year of 4-H this year and will be a sophomore at Trine University in the fall.

Family: My parents are Heather and Robert, and two sisters; Allie and Sam.

My leadership responsibilities as fair queen include: As Miss Steuben County I have to attend all the different parades for Orland, Fremont, Angola and Hamilton. I try to make it to as many county events as possible, just so I'm out there representing the county.

My other 4-H involvement: My other 4-H involvement includes the beef barn, starter calf barn, rabbit and poultry barn, and other exhibit projects too.

What 4-H means to me: Four-H means to me learning and growing and building relationships not only with other people but also with your animals to see how far you can come and how well you can train them to stop on command, or just listen to you. Building the friendships that you have all throughout the years of 4-H, I've been in it for 10 years and I have friendships that have lasted all 10 years and still will after that.

My favorite memory from 4-H: My favorite memory would have to be from last year. It was my first year in the beef barn and I brought a breeding heifer and she ended up winning grand champion breeding heifer and I won senior showmanship. We have what we call champion of champions and if you win you get to compete in the showman of showmen, and I won for the beef barn so I was able to represent the beef barn.

Hobbies: Well when I have time, I like to go on the lake and play volleyball with my friends because I play that at Trine University. And just kind of relax.

Mission in life: I would say my mission is to continue to always be there for people and help them out. Whenever they ask, be there and put them first before myself. And help younger people learn through 4-H or school, just always continue to help them.

Future plans: I am going to be a sophomore in college at Trine, then I'm going to look into studying for my RN degree and try to specialize in orthotics and prosthetics from there.

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