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Friday, May 29, 2020
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Pricey Steer Paces St. Joe 4-H Auction

by Caitlin Yoder

Published: Friday, July 12, 2019

The grand champion beef steer at the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair in South Bend broke a new record at the livestock auction. Bryce Futa of New Carlisle sold the 1,360-pound animal for $15.07 per pound, or $20,500.

The auction grand total came to $371,331.25, with 475 lots. Last Year, the total was $394,393 with 533 lots.

The reserve champion beef animal was sold by Georgia Pogue of Bremen. The animal weighed 1,348 and brought $6 per pound, or $ $8,088. A buyers group purchased the steer. See the end of the article for a list of buyer groups.

Cameron Moyer of Elkhart sold the grand champion starter calf for $1.60 per pound. The calf weighed 582 pounds, bringing the total check to $931.20. Joel Laidig, Edward Jones Investment purchased the animal.

The grand champion dairy beef steer was exhibited by Kaley Gill of Lakeville. The steer weighed 1,510 pounds and sold for $4 per pound, or $6,040. Gill's buyer group purchased the animal.

Hayden James of Bremen earned the reserve champion title. The 1,714-pound animal sold for $7,284.50, or $4.25 per pound. C&J Corp, Glen James family, and Ken Mcintee bought the steer.

MaryKate Lindenman of South Bend earned grand champion for her market hog for the second consecutive year. A buyers group paid $28 per pound for the 264-pound animal, bringing the total check to $7,392.

The reserve champion market hog exhibited by Cody Toth of North Liberty sold for $4 per pound. The total came to $1,088 for the 272-pound swine.

Lucas Bradshaw sold the reserve champion litter for $345.60. Zahl's Elevator and Feed Mill purchased the 288-pounder at $1.20 per pound.

In the goat sale, the grand champion dairy market was sold by Lucas Wilson of South Bend. A buyer group purchased the 76-pound goat for $8.55 per pound, or $650.

The grand champion Boer market was sold by Lucas Bradshaw of New Carlisle. The goat weighed 97 pounds and sold for $104.12 per pound, or $10,100. A buyer's group bought the animal.

In the dairy portion of the sale, grand and reserve champions sold their milk. Dillon Freeman of Bremen exhibited the grand champion Ayrshire. His milk sold for $1,150. A buyers group contributed to the price.

Breanne Freeman of Bremen sold milk from her grand champion Brown Swiss. The milk sold for $1,150 and was purchased by a buyer's group.

Dalton Freeman of Bremen earned $1,300 for his grand champion Holstein milk. A buyers group bought the milk. He also sold the grand champion Jersey milk for $550.

Katelynn Braun of North Liberty earned reserve champion Holstein. Her milk was purchased by a buyers group and brought $1,200.

Alexandra Toth of North Liberty earned the grand champion ribbon for her lamb. She sold the 133-pound animal for $9 per pound, or $1,197. A buyers group purchased the lamb.

Walker Carrico of Lakeville sold his reserve champion lamb for $20 per pound. The sheep weighed 135 pounds and earned a total of $2,700. Carrico's buyers group purchased the animal.

Ashley Getz of South Bend exhibited the grand champion pair of lambs. The lambs sold for $3.75 a pound per sheep. The first weighed 119 pounds, bringing $446.25. The second lamb weighed 116, totaling $435. Mar-tin's Super Market placed the highest bid.

Katlynn Zimmerman of North Liberty kicked off the poultry sale with the grand champion commercial turkey. Gleaners Life Insurance purchased the bird for $200.

The reserve champion commercial turkey exhibited by Austin Raab of Walkerton brought $205. Michiana Lawn Equipment paid for the animal.

The grand champion broilers were sold for $1,250 by Payton Bohnke of North Liberty. A buyers group purchased the bird.

Kyliee Borton of North Liberty exhibited the reserve champion broilers. A buyers group paid $500 for the animal.

Annamarie Veger of North Liberty sold her grand champion Pekin ducks for $160 to Dale Sommers family.

The reserve champion Pekin ducks were sold by Mia Farias of Mishawaka. The ducks brought $130 and sold to E.J. White.

Addyson Farias of Mishawaka sold her grand champion single duck to David Besinger and Richard and Sharon Besinger for $110.

The reserve champion sin-gle medium duck brought $100 for Abigail Beck of South Bend. Greene Twp. Lions Club bought the duck.

Katlynn Zimmerman of North Liberty exhibited the reserve champion single heavy duck. She earned $75 for the duck. Greene Twp. Lions Club paid for the animal.

The rabbit sale started with Noah Horban of South Bend and his grand champion meat pen. Hartford Glass bought the rabbit for $500. He also exhibited the grand champion fryer. The rabbit earned him an additional $275. Knowlton family bought the rabbit.

Allison Horvath of South Bend sold the grand champion roaster for $150.

Lambert Custom Upholstery bought the rabbit. Horvath also sold her reserve champion meat pen for $300. Her reserve champion stewer earned her $225. Star of Saugatuck bought both rabbit lots.

Cory Hess of South Bend earned reserve champion for his fryer. Ceres Solutions paid $225 for the rabbit.

The reserve champion roaster brought $225 and was sold by Miriam Horban of South Bend. Kristin Schalliol family placed the winning bid. Horban sold the grand champion stewer to Star of Saugatuck for $225.

Species subtotals are: 44 beef steers, $135,551.20; 10 calves, $8,593.50; 39 dairy beef, $64,268.30; 2 eggs, $533.20; 25 goats, $15,440; 5 milk lots, $5,350; 62 poultry, $7,090; 51 rabbits, $7,555; 83 sheep, $40,429.75; 154 swine, $86,520.30.

Buyer's Group

MaryKate Lindeman: Arkos Design – Jeff and Sally Angle-myer, Dr. Elizabeth Lindenman, Bob Frame Plumbing Services, Laidig Systems, House of Andala Lamp Shoppe, Scooter Warehouse, Frick Services, Palmer Funeral Homes, 1st Source Bank, D&M Propane, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Reinhardt Construction—Lonn Reinhardt, M.R. Smith Heating and Cooling, Lindenman Farms, Hilltop Farms, Bartz Farms—Eugene Bartoszewicz, Tom and Kathie Lindenman, Bill and Jan Killilea, Ryan Stamm family, Karol Carbie-ner, Ken and Hope Carbiener, Brent and Hilary Laidig family, Kurt and Rhonda Laidig, Joel and Kendra Laidig family, Lar-ry and Susie Stamm, Bryan and Julie Mattison family, Andrew and Cynthia Burggraf, Loren and Julie Roth, David and Rachel Dutoi, Dan and Beth Pogue family, Mick and Julie Jasinski family, David Bartoszewicz family, Chad and Jami Stamm family, Tom Lizzy, Debra Mrozinski family, Gary and Jamie Hall family, Scott Marker family.

Georgia Pogue: Laidig Systems Inc., John Pogue family, Tom J. Lindenman, Gerald Hirschy family, Bryan and Julie Mattison fami-ly, Crossroads Food Animal Vet. Dr. Blough, Tom Pogue family, David and Rachel Dutoi, Edward Jones Investments, Joel Laidig, Tom W. Lindenman family, Hunter Transit, Jim and Kim Bope, Adam and Jenny Schmeltz, Jim and Ruth Schmeltz, Buryl and Wilma Grossman, Charlie and Kristen Roeder, Brian and Brenda Beehler, Brent and Hillary Laidig, Pogue Performance Horses, Andy and Lindsey Laidig, Kurt and Rhonda Laidig, Matt and Rachel Lechlitner, Tony and Erin Hasely, Midwest Farm and Pet, Stuart Beehler, D&M Propane, Bob Zell family, Bickel Brothers, County Line Hay Auction, Martins Custom Butchering, Gale Laudeman family, Hometown Hog Feed, Dennis Inc., Jason and Jody Minne, Leininger Farms, Richmonds Feed, Wes and Meredith Laidig, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Wyatt Merchants, Doug Moore fam-ily, Mel and Kris Lenig, Tyler Schmeltz, Koby and Whitney Moser.

Bryce and Bridgette Futa: Steve and Nishiu Futa, Paul and Kathy Futa, Gerry Tarka, Chuck and Janet Houser, CJ Crazy Mountain Ranch, Kenny and Sandy Kleine, Michael and Kathryn Freehauf, JA Wagner Construction, Toby Freehauf and family, Ryan Younggreen and family, Bryce Berger, Shane and Michelle Whitmer and family, Rob and Jennifer Jackson and family, David and Kelli Bartoszewicz, DBA Bartz Farms, Stan Michalski, Dennis and Nancy Dolph, Aaron and Erica Zell, Corey, Katie, Lillian, and Wyatt Jess-wein, Verhaeghe Farms, Cleanrite, Wiley Greene's Famous Tacos, Adam Schmeltz, 1st Source Bank, OK Miller Farms, Herschel and Rose Walters, Jordan, Erica, and Blake Sherrill, Andy and Julie Brinkhoff, Dewey Dolph and family, Dosmann family, Joyce Schultz, Kristen Sikorski-Conklin and family, Greg and Mary Sue Violette, Younggreen Show Cattle, Zahls Elevator and Feed Mill, Doug and MaryAnne Millar, Schaffner Tire, Swartz Hereford Cattle, Marvin and Sheryl Podemski, Bartz Farm, Brad Warne Crop Insurance, Stelter Cattle, Martin's Custom Butchering, G&K Con-cepts, Inc- Greg and Kim Kneubuhler, Jake Bockover- South Bend Ethanol, Jessweins Farms, Toni and Dena Shafer, Dale Jesswein, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Whitmer Farms, Randy and Thelma Reed, Greg and Shawnie Sebasty, Paul and Sandi Widawski

David and Lisa Jesswein, Carol Jesswein, Rick and Barb Lichtenberger, Keith and Marlene Werwas, Grandpa Ted and Grandma Annette Noell, Grammy Janet Futa.

Lucas Wilson: Phil's Pharmacy, Clearwater Well, Floor Store, Jim Roy; Greer Appliance, Dave Spence, Collision 150, Spence Show Pigs, Bill Spence; Wiley's Famous Tacos, Wiley Green; Legacy Martial Arts, Jacob Adams; New Prairie Large Animal Practice, Dr. Lar-ry Smith; Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Palmer Show Lambs, Mike Palmer; Grandma and Grandpa Joe.

Reserve cham-pion market hog: WTF Showpigs, Darrell and Andrea Gill and family, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Richmond Feed Services, Ap-ple Patch Bill and Sue Dittmar, Pohl & Son's Construction, Jason Dittmar and family, Ness Family Farms, Scott Johnson family, John Zimmerman Farms Inc., Todd and Jane McGaughey.

Grand champion market lamb: WTF Showpigs, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Apple Patch, Bill and Sue Dittmar, Pohl & Son's Construction, Jason Dittmar and family, Colton Markley, Ness Family Farms, Hahn Genetics, John Zimmerman Farms Inc., Scott Johnson family, Jessica Peterson, Jennifer and Wayne Toth II, Todd and Jane McGaughey, Brad and Tracy Laskowski family, Markley Kids Show Stock, Markley's Triple M Auctions and Grandma Becky Greer.

Lucas Bradshaw: Mom, Dad, and Caleb, Papa Dick, Nana Shelley, Grandpa and Grandma, Erik, Brook, and Ainsleigh Mrozinski, Bryan, Amber, Noah, and Beau Bradshaw, Jennifer Millar, Zach, Abby, Caroline Lusk, Scrappy's, Yoder Oil, Gavilon Grain, Barnhart Insur-ance, New Prairie Large Animal Vet Service, Dr. Larry Smith, CIS, Matt Weaver, Mary, Kenny and Jacob Davis, Clyde and Tammy James, Brenda Gorny, Tolmen Financial, Dosman Family, Ed and Mindy Traversa, Joyce Schultz, Mrozinski Farms, Steve and Betsy Mrozinski, Scott Carrico family, Kyle and Denise Jakubowicz family, David And Kelli Bartosze-wicz family, Jenny and Jacob Berger, Garoutte's Auto, Phantom Technology Services, Jennie Rae's Restau-rant, Mindie and Jason Colanese family, Best Little Hair House in Town, Natalie Goforth, Longshots Bar, Kate O'Conners Irish Pub, Willis Construction, Gary and Julie Jerzak, Kurt and Allison Waggoner family, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, DVM, Debbie Mrozinski family, Paul Zahl and family, Roger and Cyndy Keeling, Matt Lechlitner family, Corey and Katie Jesswein family, No Where Bar and Grill, Dave and Lisa Jesswein, Zahl's Elevator and Feed Mill, Tony and Erin Haseley family.

Kaley Gill: Dad, Mom, and Dustin, Frick's Services, Tricia Mears and Shaw Markin family, Nate Bragg family, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Randy and Thelma Reed, Dana Dutoi, Darrell and Sharron Gill, Arden Balmer, Jessica and Mike Cherrone, Holly James, Richmond Freed, Tom (Fergeson Supply), David Dutoi family, Lucas Wheeler—Silvus Insurance, Phil Lehman-Dekalb Seeds, Bob Warnock, Dave and Beverly Brandiff, Rosana Bal-mer, Walsh and Kelly, Brad and Barb Keb, Jen Gilmer, Austin Feitz, Jim Gardner, Kenny and Debbie Watts family, Liz Horvath, Indiana Corn Husking Assn., Addalyn Staley, Diana Kuhn, Jason and Amanda Gill family, Sydnee Culp, Dylan Balmer, Kim and Jim Bope, Dawson Biggs, Heidi Naragon, Steve, Lance, Lance and Logan Moser, Jodie and Rick Go-raczewski, Jenny Berger and Jacob, Mitch and Kaley Alber, Sam and Sarah Bickel, B & A Showpigs, Elton and Brenda Schafer, John, Kaley, Levi, and Logan Moser, Freehauf family, Carol Robbins, TJ Ernsberger, Marianne and Kevin Dos-mann family, Charlie Klein, Tim Stuzman family, Joe and Kim Makowski, Glenn and Kathy James, Dennis and Becky Worm, Clyde and Tammy James, Richard and Janell Bickel family, Kevin Bickel, Danny and Kasey James, Nancy and Ja-son Richards, WTF Show Pigs Wayne Toth family.

Kyliee Borton: Ed and Mindy Traversa, Cody and Kathy Schonkweiler, Wayne and Judy Allsop, Mike and Beth Allsop, Kevin and Marianne Dosmann, Jim Wroblewski, Caleb McCormick, Mom.

Walker Carrico: Richmond Master Distributors, D & M Propane, Brad Bradshaw family, Wal-ley's Famous Taco's, Dave Bartoszewicz family, Dr. Wanda Schmeltz, Dave King family, Roger and Cyndy Keeling, Kleine Farms, Mike and Kelly Carrico family.

Payton Bohnke: O Connor Delivery Service, Jeff and Tracy O Connor, BJ Trucking, RMH Insurance Agent Blake Hesters, Tami Clingenpeel Hall with Ruby Ribbon, Verhaeghe Farms, Clean Rite, Hahn Funeral Homes, Community Vault, Brad and Kelley Bradshaw and boys, Ashley and Nic Nuno.

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