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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Cass County Fair Auction Raises $567,000

by Caitlin Yoder

Published: Friday, August 9, 2019

The Cass County Fair was held last week in Cassopolis. This year's auction saw 830 lots and raised a total of $567,927.89. That value is down slightly from last year's price of $581,667 with 933 lots.

During the large animal livestock auction, 839 lots passed through the gates raising a total of $455,433.47.

Jena Bradley exhibited the grand champion beef steer. Her animal weighed 1,365 pounds and earned $3 per pound, or $4,095. The buyers were Paul and Kathy Sweitzer, Bradley and Leslie of Hibshman Screw Machine, Chuck Wimberly of Wimbery Auto Group GMC and Community Mills.

Nicholas Bradley exhibited the AOB champion steer. Jim and Barb Guse family and Tidey Farms paid $4,603.50, or $3.30 per pound for the 1,395-pounder. The reserve champion was sold by Collin Bogue for $3,048, or $2.40 per pound. The steer weighed 1,270 pounds.

The champion heifer was sold by Riley Wimberly. Wimberly Auto Group Ford purchased the cow for $3,870. The heifer weighed 1,290 pounds, bringing the total to $3 per pound. Erin Morgan sold the reserve champion heifer. Showhauler Trucks Inc. paid $4,683, or $4.20 per pound for the 1,115-pounder.

The grand champion dairy steer was sold by Alyssa Wright. The 1,375-pounder brought $1,718.75, or $1.25 per pound. Southwestern Michigan College purchased the steer.

Nicholas Green exhibited the reserve champion dairy beef steer. Decatur Feed placed the winning bid of $2,085, or $1.50 per pound. The steer weighed 1,390-pounds.

Kyla Sparks showed the top dairy feeder. She sold the grand champion for $3,300, or $6 per pound. Southwestern Michigan College bought the 550-pounder.

The reserve champion dairy feeder was sold by Jimmy Strukel. The 520-pound calf brought $2,340, or $4.50 per pound. Buyers were Kelsey Lake Farms, Shipshewana Auction and Hahn Auction Inc.

Jena Bradley earned a second grand champion title with her market lamb. The animal weighed 138 pounds and was purchased for $3,864, or $28 per pound. The buyers were Edd's Supplies Inc., Community Mills, Four Seasons Percherons, Southwestern Michigan College, GreenMark Equipment Union, Williams Farm, J&J Buyers Group and Michiana Agra.

Katherine Gregory sold the reserve champion market lamb. Williams Brothers purchased the sheep for $1,846. The animal weighed 142 pounds, making that price $13 per pound. Gregory also sold the grand champion market hog. The swine weighed 283 pounds. Butch Bender purchased the pig for $3,254.50, or $11.50 per pound.

The reserve champion market hog was shown by Kaden Sparks. The pig weighed 270 pounds and earned $2,970, or $11 per pound. Dave's Concrete Products was the buyer.

During the small animal auction, Nicole Wilson sold the grand champion goose. The animal sold for $400 to Russell Poultry and R.B. Trucking. Ross Wenlund had the reserve champion goose. Clint Wernland purchased the bird for $250.

Abigail Asmus exhibited the grand champion market broiler. The animal brought $500 and was purchased by Asmus Acres Club Calves.

The grand champion market roaster was shown by Caleb Steensma. The lot sold for $1,000 to Rick Briney Trucking, Diamond Lake Day Care, Caleb Steensma family, Calvin Creek Farms, Boulanger Farms and Porky's.

Alyssa Wright sold the champion market heavyweight. Community Mills paid $300 for the bird. Amelia Jones exhibited the reserve champion market heavyweight. Her bird sold for $425 to the Jeff Green family.

Aiden Ward earned reserve champion market broiler. The bird sold for $300 to Southwestern Michigan College. Caitlyn Steensma sold the reserve champion market roaster for $450. U.S. Business Systems purchased the animal.

The grand champion rabbit fryer earned $250 for Holly Lawson. Paul Kent of Pay Pro Tec purchased the animal. The reserve champion fryer was sold by Lynsie Stolpe. Division Tire and Butch Bender paid $400 for the rabbit.

The grand champion roaster was sold by Jami Suseland for $1,650. Buyers were Elk Park Feed Store, Clipper Creations, Morgan, Bob, Jody, Jason and Erin, Porky's, Suseland Belgians, Suseland Farm Percherons, Mike and Amanda Bergen and Fedore Veterinary Services.

Kallie Solloway exhibited the reserve champion roaster. The rabbit was purchased by J. Lee Farms for $275.

The grand champion dairy goat was shown by Madison Marshall. Her animal was purchased for $425. Wilsons Farrier Service, Smith family and E&R Barbeque bought the lot.

Emily Luthringer exhibited the grand champion meat goat. Fryman's Roofing purchased the animal for $500. Holly Lawson sold the grand champion crossbred market goat. The lot went for $400 to Flim Flam Farms and Katherine Pielemeier.

The reserve champion dairy goat was sold by Andrew Shenfeld. Community Mills and Tone's Trucking, Inc. paid $450 for the goat.

Jena Bradley earned reserve champion for her meat goat. She sold the animal for $350. Hibshman Screw Machine and Mackenzie Whitmyer purchased the goat.

The reserve champion crossbred market goat was exhibited by Blane Belakovich. Robinson-Steelye Farms bought the goat for $225.

Gage Collins sold the grand champion turkey tom. The bird sold for $450 to Community Mills and Butch Bender. Brianna Stockwell earned the reserve champion title. Her tom was purchased by Jim Becraft Family Cattle and Joel and Rita Becraft for $400.

Jered Wellman earned grand champion for his hen turkey. Butch Bender paid $300 for the bird. The reserve champion was sold by Emma Crosby for $225. Marl Poehlman purchased the animal.

Makeala Castaneda showed the grand champion duck. It sold for $200 to Big Kid Hauling. The reserve champion duck was sold by Charles Cooper. Buyers were Dorinda Charles, S&S Lawn Service, Charles Concrete, Concrete Conceptions, Cooper Concrete and Judy Smith.

Subtotals, by species are: 156 swine, $169,992.17; 73 sheep, $47,738.30; 73 dairy feeders, $83,463.25; 1 milk, $11,950; 1 draft horse lot, $3,900; 49 beef, $125,943.75; 13 beef feeders, $12,446; 95 goats, $27,645; 185 rabbits, $43,030; 1 dozen eggs, $600; 61 poultry, $15,400; 15 turkey, $4,250; 104 ducks, $20,050.

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