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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Dairy Calves Shine in Noble County

Published: Friday, July 31, 2020

Joshua Marker of York Twp. and Tenlee Phares of Green Twp. were the big winners in the Noble County 4-H dairy feeder steer show. The calves shown by Marker and Phares were both from the heavyweight division.

Other winners in the dairy feeder steer show were: Cora Mault, champion and reserve champion mediumweight; Jazmine Fischer, champion lightweight; and Lance Krider, reserve champion lightweight.

In the dairy steer show, Remi Earnhart of Green Twp. showed the top two projects. Earnhart's champion heavyweight was selected as the grand champion overall, and her champion mediumweight was tapped as the reserve.

Earnhart also exhibited the reserve champion heavyweight dairy steer.

Other division winners were: Justin Krider, rate of gain champion; Nichelle Phares, champion lightweight; Braden Lortie, reserve champion lightweight; and Joshua Marker, reserve champion mediumweight.

In dairy steer and dairy feeder calf showmanship, Earnhart was named the champion premier showman, and Faith Lortie was selected as the reserve champion premier showman. Other winners were: Cora Mault, rookie champion; Tenlee Phares, rookie reserve champion; Kyla Sickafoose, junior champion; Colten Lortie, junior reserve champion; Faith Lortie, intermediate champion; Braden Lortie, intermediate reserve champion; Joshua Marker, senior champion; and Allie Basinger, senior reserve champion.


In the beef show, Warner Ott of Green Twp. exhibited the grand champion steer.

Ott won in the steer show with his champion county born and raised steer. Bayleigh Huelsenbeck placed as the reserve with the champion crossbred steer.

Other breed champions in the steer show were: Reid Barker, market heifer; Kyle Thompson, Hereford; Andrea Weaver, Red Poll; Madilynn Davis, Shorthorn; Wyatt Rucker, Dexter; and Cole Thompson, Charolais.

Konner Kirkpatrick of Swan Twp. led the way in the Chianina heifer show and eventually claimed grand champion honors. Weston Ott of Green Twp. took reserve with his reserve champion Chianina.

Breed champions in the heifer show were: Robert Rogers, Angus; Karly Kirkpatrick, crossbred; Lawrence Sage, Hereford; Delaney Ott, Maine-Anjou; Remi Earnhart, Maintainer; Kylee Barker, county born and raised; Zoe Pfenning, Red Poll; and Addie Perlich, Shorthorn.

In the beef feeder show, Rachael Rogers of Allen Twp. exhibited the grand champion calf. Keira Lortie of York Twp. showed the reserve.


Kyla Sickafoose of Jefferson Twp. exhibited the grand and reserve champion Holsteins in the Noble County 4-H dairy show. The grand champion, a junior 2-year-old, was also named best udder overall. The reserve champion Holstein was a 4-year-old and reserve senior champion.

Other winners were Paige Hopf with the junior champion Holstein and Adelaide Hopf with the reserve junior champion Holstein. Both girls are from Jefferson Twp.

Paige Hopf also won in the Jersey show, leading the senior champion Jersey and grand champion of the breed. Tenlee Phares showed the top junior calf, and Lily Hopf brought the reserve junior Jersey.

In showmanship, Faith Lortie and Makenzie Resler were named the champion and reserve champion premier dairy showmen, respectively.


Lucas Richmond of Swan Twp. exhibited the grand champion market lamb and champion Blackface cross. The reserve champion lamb was shown by Jack Huelsebeck of Swan Twp., who had the champion Natural Color lamb.

Others in the top five included: Dailon Dice, champion Hampshire; Madeline Richards, reserve champion Blackface cross; and Adara Bell, reserve champion Hampshire.

Other breed winners in the market lamb show were: Amy Geary, Dorset; Brooklyn Konger, Oxford; Hannah Roesener, Shropshire; Mitchell Bell, Suffolk; Adara Bell, county born and raised; Caleb Freed, Whiteface cross; and Brynn Lortie, Southdown.

In the ewe show, Dailon Dice exhibited the champion commercial ewe and overall grand champion. Jocelyn Winebrenner showed four breed champions: Dorset, Hampshire, Shropshire and Southdown and showed champion county born and raised. She also had the reserve champion commercial ewe.

Kelsie Strange exhibited the champion Natural Colored ewe, and Brodey Dice brought the champion Whiteface cross. Elisabeth Mains showed two winners, Black Welsh Mountain and All Other Breeds.


Dakota Riecke of Swann Twp. drove her champion Duroc barrow to the grand champion position in the market hog show. The reserve champion barrow was the crossbred champion shown by Bailey Taylor of Green Twp. Taylor also had the champion Yorkshire and third place barrow.

Delaney Ott captured fourth place with her reserve champion Duroc, and Warner Ott showed the reserve champion Yorkshire and fifth place barrow.

Other breed winners were: Ethan Freed, Berkshire; Mitchell Bell, Chester White; Max Earnhart, Hampshire; Alayna DeLong, Hereford; Colton Arnold, Landrace; Brady Crick, Poland Barrow; Devyn Gaff, Spots; Emmaline Freed, Tamworth; Konger, heavyweight crossbred and reserve champion crossbred; and Zander Brazel, champion mediumweight crossbred.

Taylor and Riecke switched places in the gilt show, with Taylor winning grand and Riecke taking reserve. Taylor's grand champion was the champion crossbred, and Riecke's reserve champion represented the Hampshire breed.

Others in the top five were: Cole Sobasky, Yorkshire; Max Earnhart, Duroc; and McKenna Sobasky, reserve champion Duroc. Kaylee Kempf showed the champion Spot gilt.

In showmanship, the winners were: Freed, rookie; McKenna Sobasky, intermediate; and Warner Ott, senior.


Case Lemper of Green Twp. and Landon Arnold of Allen Twp. exhibited the grand and reserve champion Boer goats, respectively. Lemper had the champion heavyweight and Arnold exhibited the champion lightweight. Bailey Taylor had the champion mediumweight wether.

Audrey Brumbaugh of Green Twp. showed the grand champion market Boer doe. Samantha Brumbaugh exhibited the reserve doe.

In breeding Boer does, Alexandria Kimmel of Jefferson Twp. led the way with the champion junior doe and grand champion overall. The reserve champion and champion intermediate doe was exhibited by Cora Mault of York Twp.

Kaylee Dice and Aubrey Rothenbuhler exhibited the champion and reserve champion commercial does, respectively.

In Boer goat showmanship, Audrey Brumbaugh was named the champion senior showman and premier showman. Kaylee Dice placed first in the intermediate division and earned reserve champion in the premier contest. Other winners were: Jacob Freed, junior division; and Cora Mault, rookie.

In dairy goat showmanship, Robert Thompson of York Twp. claimed top honors in the intermediate division and went on to win premier showmanship. Other winners were: Zoe Rissner, senior; Violet Key, junior; and Ethan Pippenger, rookie.

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