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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Wheat Greening Up, Looking Good

Published: Friday, April 19, 2024

The following is from the Michigan Field Office of USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service for the week ending April 14.

Above average temperatures and dry conditions early in the week and very pleasant weather late in the week, allowed farmers to make good sugarbeet planting progress.

Winter wheat continued to green up and was looking good across the state.

Farmers continued to get ready for major planting activities, which were anticipated to begin as soon as weather and soil conditions allowed.

Other activities last week included manure hauling, herbicide and fertilizer applications, and tilling.


Spring-like, warmer weather over the past week advanced bud development for fruit crops across the state.

On the Ridge, apple buds were at .25-inch green and moving into .5-inch green.

In the Northwest, Honeycrisp were at green tip, and Gala were at .25-inch green. In the South, apple varieties ranged from .25-inch green to tight cluster.

In the Northwest and West Central, tart cherries ranged from bud swell to side green.

In the Southwest, tart cherries were at tight cluster.

In the West Central, early peaches were at the swollen bud stage.

In the Southwest, peaches were at early to mid-bloom.

Blueberries were at the beginning of bud break in the Southwest.

Topsoil moisture was rated very short, 0%; short, 5%; adequate, 62%; surplus, 33%.

Subsoil moisture was rated very short, 0%; short, 6%; adequate, 73%; surplus, 21%.

The crop progress schedule (last week, previous week, 2023 and five-year average) showed: corn planted, 0, 0, 0, 0; soybeans planted, 0, NA, 1, 0; winter wheat jointing, 11, 0, 5, 9; oats planted, 4, 1, 4, 11; oats emerged, 0, NA, 0, 2; sugarbeets planted, 14, 0, 28, 21.

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