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Completing the Ex-Clusifieds Ad Form - FAQ's

What Does My Ad Look Like?

Each The Ex-Clusifieds ad is placed in its own "block" on a page with other The Ex-Clusifieds ads. Color highlighting distinguishes one ad from another.

Your ad contains four main items: the picture of the item, a header description of the item, a detailed item description, and contact information.

You may purchase one block (a "single") or purchase a "quad" which is two blocks wide by two blocks deep. Although a "quad" counts as four blocks, it allows the picture of your for sale item to be larger.

Here is a sample of a "single". Please note, this sample is for illustrative purposes only, and is not to absolute scale and has been down-rezzed for faster downloading.

Tips for Writing Your Ad

  1. You have a limit of 100 characters for the description of your "for sale" item. Be brief and include the most important information about your item. Examples include, make, model, year, number of hours, condition, any other special features about your item which enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers, and the asking price or other terms of sale.
  2. Type the ad as you would like it to appear in the paper using proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
  3. Use standard abbreviations where appropriate. Some examples of common abbreviations would include:
    • OBO for or best offer
    • JD for John Deere
    • NH for New Holland
    • Other standard equipment manufacturer abbreviations
  4. The header description should be concise, yet informative and eye-catching. The header description is limited to 30 characters and the web form will only allow the entry of up to 30 characters.
  5. The contact information should provide buyers with the information regarding who they should contact if they are interested in the for sale item. Name and phone number, e-mail address or a website are examples. The contact information is limited to 45 characters and the web form will only allow the entry of up to 45 characters.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Ex-Clusifieds ad charges are based upon the number of "blocks" purchased. Each block is approximately 1.5 newspaper columns wide by 2" deep. The cost is $35 per block per week.

Payment must be made in the form of cash or check (credit cards are not accepted) and should be submitted when an ad is placed (if placed online, reference your order number on your check). If ads are billed, a $2 billing charge applies.

Ads are limited to a maximum of one picture (for sale item) per block purchased. Placement on The Ex-Clusifieds page is ROP (Run of Paper), which means ads are positioned/placed at our discretion. Specific placement is not guaranteed.

What if I Have Multiple Items I Want to Advertise?

If you have multiple items you would like to advertise, you must place each "for sale" item as its own ad and you will be assigned an order number for each ad. After placing your first ad, you can click the link called "I Want to Place Another Ex-Clusifieds Ad " on the ad confirmation screen.

You will then be able to provide the necessary details for your next for sale item. The first issue will be the same as the original ad (and can be changed), but you must specify the number of times you want the ad to run. Billing/customer information will be completed automatically for you based on your input for the original ad.

What is 'First Issue Date' Field?

Enter the date (in mm/dd/yyyy format) of the paper in which you would like your ad to first appear. This date must be a Friday (since the publication date is Friday). The webform will check to ensure the date is properly formatted and is a Friday.

Why is My Personal Information Needed?

We collect your name and address in order to generate invoices for customers. We also use this information to apply payments to the appropriate customer when a payment is remitted without an invoice. We collect this same information from you when your ad is placed over the phone.

Your phone number and e-mail address are optional and are helpful in the event we need to contact you regarding your ad.

If you have further questions regarding our use of your name and address, please review our privacy policy.

What are My Payment Options?

The Farmer's Exchange accepts payment in the form of check or cash in person (please do not mail cash). The Farmer's Exchange does not accept credit cards.

Customers who place ads must remit payment as soon as they have placed their ad. Any ads remaining unpaid at the end of the month will be invoiced to the customer and a $2 billing charge will be added.

Alternatively, customers may elect to be invoiced at the end of each month. Customers electing to be invoiced will have a $2 billing charge added to the ad cost.